2015-2016 Executives

Yao Dan Cao Co-President
Neuroscience Specialist, Physiology Major, Psychology Minor 

Vivian Tia – Co-President
Neuroscience and Immunology

Alana Changoor Vice-President
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Specialist, Neuroscience Major

Sunny Wang  Events Coordinator 

Munzir Abdur-Rahman Secretary
Immunology and Human Biology Major (Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology), Psychology Minor

Justin Huang  Webmaster
Physiology Specialist, Neuroscience Major 

Kelly Le – Academic Advisor
Specialist in Life, and Safari Animals

Kinza Nazir Treasurer


Kelvin Deng – Secretary
Health and Disease Major, Cell and Systems Biology Major

Hi everyone! I’m Kelvin Deng and I’m the secretary for MSSU this year. I see a nice and bright (like the sun) year for all of us ! If you attend the MSSU events you will most likely see me sitting. I am going into my 3rd year at UofT studying Health and disease and Cell and system biology. I enjoy jogging (sometimes…), long walks on the beach where the sand flows through your toes as the sun sets, biking (when I had a bike), and basketball (if the weather permits playing outdoors). A little bit about myself, I enjoy playing video games (mainly PC), eating and sleeping (the latter two are my fav activities). I don’t drink coffee or ethanol,(I think these 2 are the most popular form of “drugs” on campus, but I cannot confirm that). I’m always on Facebook so if you ever have any concerns regarding anything, shoot a message and I’ll get back to you within seconds to hours. If you ever see me on campus feel free to say hi , I don’t bite (at least I don’t think I do) and please say where you know me from or else I’ll have a confused look on my face for days pondering your identity.

Kelly Le – Academic Advisor
Specialist in Life, and Safari Animals

“Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.”


Hi there! My name is Alana, and I’m the new Events Coordinator for the MSSU this year! I am currently in second year, and I am pursuing a Specialist Program in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, along with a major in Neuroscience. Some of my hobbies include reading, volunteering, and going out with family and friends! I also like drinking tea, watching old TV shows from the 80’s and 90’s, and exploring Toronto! Like many of you reading this, I am aspiring to become a doctor one day, but I do have interests in pursuing research as well.

I think the MSSU is a great group to be a part of, because it really does a great job in creating a sense of community between first year and upper year students! Having a mentor in your first year really is an invaluable experience, and the seminars we hold about finding research positions and choosing subject POSts are so helpful! I was so grateful to the MSSU for the support and resources I received during first year, and I really really look forward to helping continue provide these resources for new first years to come! I hope to see you all at our events this year! :))


Liam Tay – Second Year Rep


Sunny Wang – First Year Rep 


Munzir Abdur-Rahman First Year Rep
Pursuing Human Biology Specialist (Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology)

Hey guys! How you doin’!? Hehe, thats my favorrite quote from “Friends”, which btw I recently got really addicted to. Anyways, my name is Munzir and I am one of the first year reps for MSSU this year. My favorite tv shows include Friends and The big bang theory and my favorite movie is easily The Heat. IF YOU DIDNT WATCH IT YET, WATCH IT NOW! As you can tell, I’m a comedy freak, but I also really enjoy good horror movies and tv shows like the walking dead and insidious. Apart from all that tv, I do enjoying hanging out with friends and family while sometimes taking long walks by myself.

So far, its been really great hanging out with everyone with everyone in the MSSU team. It is a really helpful and suportive group. As for some first year advice, heres something: Dont worry about things too much. It is going to be ok. Meet new people, join clubs, go out and have fun cz life is really too short. And if you are unsure about making new friends, just walk up to random classmates and say hi. Honestly, that’s how I met my high school an university best friends. And, if things look bad, just remember and be grateful for the fact that spiders cannot fly. Think about that and things will start looking better right away.

Have fun at uni and “may the force be always with you buy college essays with http://essayclick.net/

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