1. Annual Research Seminar – Fall Semester writing help
Want to get involved with research, but don’t know where to start? Come learn about the vast world of research that U of T has to offer. Expect presentations from our Research Opportunity Office, professors, and research students regarding research projects and summer opportunities. Includes a CV and cover letter workshop!

2. Subject POSt Seminar – Spring Semester
A chance to come learn about all the various programs our university has to offer under the Medical Sciences. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen and speak to professors and department heads of the programs you’re interested in!

3. Socials
These are great opportunities to come out and meet our exec team as well as your fellow MSSU members! Our socials are a great way to have fun while networking with upper year students and others in your class!

4. MCAT/Med School Seminars – Details to come!
Please note that we do not have the dates in stone for some of these events, so subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter page for more updates!

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