E-Business for a Factor of Reducing Deal Prices

E-Business for a Factor of Reducing Deal Prices

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Innovative Technology Ceramics

Innovative Technology Ceramics

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The Adverse Experience of Democracy

The Adverse Experience of Democracy

Democracy is really a sort of governance where any citizen is involved in the decision-making processes about the condition by way of their reps. In such a type of governance, the citizens have the chance to vote for his or her favorite leaders to represent them while in the government. Only the candidates who definitely have received elections with vast majority votes contain the possibility to provide the most people from the authorities offices. Democracy was released to wipe out the selfishness and greediness proven by the monarchy system of governance in which persons had to bear the kings who were unworthy . Read more The Adverse Experience of Democracy


We hope that you have all had nice and restful summers, and are re-energized for the start of a new school year! Here are some exciting news for you!
1. Meet and GreetThe MSSU will be jumping right into the start of the year with our Annual Meet and Greet, scheduled for Monday October 5th from 6:00-8:00pm (location TBA). Come meet the MSSU exec and other students in the Life Sciences, as well as your Mentor/Mentee if you’re part of the Mentorship Program! There will be snacks, refreshments, as well as games and prizes!

Please RSVP to our facebook event page so we know how much food to buy!


2. Mentorship Program


Many of you signed up to be Mentors/Mentees at Clubs Day and Street Fest, or have been a part of our Mentorship Program in the past. In order for us to facilitate Mentor/Mentee pairings for this year’s cohort, we ask that prospective Mentees (first years) fill out the Mentee Application; and those who wish to become or continue as Mentors (second year and above) this year, please fill out the Mentor Application, by Tuesday September 22nd at 11:59pm. For more details, check out the “Mentorship Program” page!


3. Fall Elections
Of further note, we will also be holding our Fall Elections at our Meet and Greet for the following positions:

  • 2 First Year Reps
  • 1 Second Year Rep

To run for one of these positions, please fill out the Exec Application by Friday October 2nd at 11:59pm. More information about each role can be found on the application form. As of the Meet and Greet, we ask candidates to prepare a 1-2 minute speech on why they are suitable for the position, and anonymous voting will take place! If you would like to run, but cannot attend the event, please email us your speech in advance so that we can read it for you.

We hope to see you all there!!

MSSU Spring Elections!

As our academic year comes to an end, we will be holding elections for positions in our 2015/16 Executive Team.

If you are interested in getting involved as a leader within the life sciences community at the University of Toronto- this is a great opportunity to do so! We are holding elections for the following positions:

– Co-Presidents (2)
– Vice-President (1)
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Webmaster
– Academic Advisor
– Events Co-ordinator

If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please fill out our application form here (#://goo.gl/forms/AHNXriy7jr). Details of responsibilities for each position is stated in the form.

All applications will be due by Saturday, March 28th at 11:59pm. Please prepare a brief (1-2 minute) speech to present stating your interest and qualifications for the position you are running for, as well as any new ideas that you wish to bring forth to the MSSU next year.

Best of luck to everyone who applies!
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The Character of Evolution: Collection, Inheritance, and Heritage

The Character of Evolution: Collection, Inheritance, and Heritage

The world refined about 4.6 billion long ago attributable to an extensive blast of case and energy. Lifetime begins with the formation of prokaryotes currently in the water. Mainly because the for starters organism was produced, the habitant option commenced and the process is occurring. Read more The Character of Evolution: Collection, Inheritance, and Heritage

Coca- Cola Systems And Ways In Which it Persuades Buyers to obtain Extra

Coca- Cola Systems And Ways In Which it Persuades Buyers to obtain Extra

By 1885 Coca-Cola was already staying consumed on the Usa. In 1886 it absolutely was requested to be a Company by Dj John S. Pemberton In Metro atlanta, Georgia, Coca-Cola as the label has because turned out to be a marketplace frontrunner in the group of refreshments.writing a dissertation Coca-Cola also offers the greatest sector be part of the whole planet. Therefore it really is currently being used everywhere and due to this it is considered as a mature model in the marketplace. Read more Coca- Cola Systems And Ways In Which it Persuades Buyers to obtain Extra

Election Results!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Meet & Greet! It was a pleasure to meet so many new enthusiastic students! Thank you also for all who ran in our elections and stayed to vote! It was clear through your speeches that we had a number of well-qualified students.

The results from our election have been tallied and we are happy to welcome:

First Year Reps: Sunny Wang & Munzir Rahman
Second Year Rep: Oen Liam Tay
Events Coordinator: Alana Changoor

For everyone else, thank you for coming out. We encourage you to run again next year! Hope to see you all at our next event!

MSSU Meet-and-Greet and Fall Elections!

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all having a blast now that the school year has started again. MSSU is striking back early with a meet-and-greet that will give you the opportunity to meet other students in your school! Mark your calendars off on the 22nd of September (that’s a Monday)! This is a good chance for anyone to meet new friends, make connections, and simply have a break from class. For first-years, this is also an opportunity to speak to upper years regarding any questions you may have about university life.

Light snacks and refreshments will also be provided! So do check it out!

Also, during the meet-and-greet we will be hosting the fall elections to select new members of the MSSU team! That’s right! This is your chance to be an active part of the community and help others in their path to success.

We are looking for the following:

x2 First Year Reps
x1 Second Year Rep
X1 Events Coordinator

If you are interested in making a difference, please consider signing up for one of these roles. You will be expected to present a 1-2 minute speech detailing why you think you’re up for the challenge!

The form can be found here. Please fill out the form by Sunday September 21 2014 at midnight (11:59 PM) to ensure your spot on the ballot!

See you all there.

-Justin (Webmaster)


Edit: A quick reminder to first years that you have 2 days left to sign up for the Mentorship program, which will pair you up with an experienced upper year in a similar research interest as yourself. A great way to ask questions, get answers, and you make a new friend in the process! Remember, the deadline is on September 17th! So hurry up! Click here to get to the application!